pro n,. Professional: one that engages in pursuit or activity professionally.

pro adv,. In favor of.

tan-go n,. A ballroom dance performed by 2 individuals and has many steps, figures, and poses.

proTango is an annual public event organized by LUX Parsons, a student organization comprised of individuals enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts Lighting Design program. The event invites design professionals (pro) to Parsons to meet students for a lively and dynamic exchange (Tango) surrounding employment opportunities, design ideas, and common creative interests.


Student participation includes both first and second-year MFA Lighting Design students as well as students involved with a multi-disciplinary study that combines Lighting Design with Architecture or Interior Design. Employment interests include both summer internships, for first-year students between spring and fall terms, and full-time employment for the second-year students after graduation.

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